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Primary NAICS Codes:

  • 541330 - Engineering Services
  • 541380 - Testing Laboratories
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting

Valence Vector Labs LLC, is an engineering and consulting company that specializes in hardware penetration and vulnerability analysis. We relentlessly attack security-hardened, hardware targets to reliably and consistently extract data from; UASs, vehicles, IoT, and other platforms and systems.

With 15+ years of experience in electronic exploitation we have developed a reputation as a trusted partner with reliable results. Our team has vast experience in the aviation and maritime domains, making us the trusted resource for data retrieval from vehicles, UASs, cellphones and other platforms.

Our certified experts rely on high resolution imaging, nanorobotics, nondestructive testing, and the most minimally invasive and forensically sound techniques to capture all available data from storage media.

Our Mission

The rapid delivery of excellent solutions to the most challenging technological problems through innovation, dedication, and a fierce commitment to customer success.

Corporate Culture

At Valence Vector Labs, we know that strong culture is requisite to success. With decades of experience working together on the most advanced and secure digital systems and componentry, our experts have developed a collective synergy to help our clients find solutions to the most complex and challenging problems. Finding solutions is the Excellence that our passionate innovators seek at Valence Vector Labs.

Ethical Compliance

Our excellence depends on a daily commitment to ensuring the integrity that our customers demand. We know that building an ethical culture is intrinsic to providing client solutions. Without it, innovative solutions only create additional problems. Our reputation has allowed Valence Vector Labs to become “The Trusted Resource” to our clients and partners.

Diversity and Inclusion

We know that embracing differences strengthens our value and ensures an environment that is rich in thought and experience. No one is left behind in this vibrant, minority-owned, multidisciplinary organization built on corporate integrity. It’s that simple.


Jared Childs

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Gaal

Chief Information Officer

Shane Stirmers

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Martin

VP of Business Development

Ari Shapira

Chief Operating Officer

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