Forensic Lab Design

Our experts have vast experience in the design and development of laboratory buildouts and closely supervise their construction ensuring: specialized laboratory equipment retrofitting; and adherence with proper Power, Thermal, Humidity, and Acoustic requirements. Whether supporting customers with the development of a completely new facility, or the retrofitting of an existing forensic exploitation laboratory, we provide laboratory design recommendations and equipment, instrumentation, and supporting peripheral options and specifications to meet all customer requirements.

When a Valence Vector Labs government customer solicited support to relocate its fully equipped forensic laboratory across the country, we met the challenge. Our team was tasked with conducting a site assessment to establish retrofit standards that would support the relocation. This included the redesign and modification of the space to support the installation of highly sensitive, corrosive, and precise equipment. The project was complicated by the fact that the customer would be a non-DoD tenant relocating to a DoD reservation that is governed by numerous rigorous and stringent compliance regulations. Once the new site requirements and capabilities were addressed, many millions of dollars of highly sensitive equipment was transported to the new location, under escort, and installed by Valence Vector Labs personnel. Since 2017, this state of the art, US government forensics laboratory has been in operation without exception.