Forensic Data Recovery

We relentlessly attack security-hardened, hardware targets to extract data reliably and consistently from UAVs, vehicles, IoT and other platforms and systems. Our hardware penetration techniques and systems establish our position as the sole source of high demand exploitation services and processes critical to our government customers in their mission to assure our national security.

Our proprietary data extraction techniques are enabled by sophisticated tools that target data discretely located at all levels from the system down to the semiconductor die. Our Team achieves success as minimally invasive as possible. When necessary, we make use of cutting-edge, precision automated submicron imaging capabilities to enable directed energy tools that overwhelm the most complicated challenges. We use the right tools for the right job.

CASE: Valence Vector Labs continuously researches and develops the most minimally intrusive exploitation methods to include non-powered or “dead box” ISP forensic techniques to extract data from internal memory components. Valence Vector Labs personnel rapidly deployed to conduct a field examination of a GPS module connected to an investigation into the murder of a Federal Officer. The module had been struck by gunfire resulting in a bullet hole penetration through the main circuit board. Despite being heavily damaged, our experts were able to assist investigators by employing dead box forensic techniques to recover relevant and valuable data from the GPS module.